Triple A Horns
The Finest Horns from Around the World

Attractive Colour Packaging

Klaxon Horn

Brings back the attention-getting sound that was so popular
in the Roaring Twenties! Quality construction. Sounds great.
Part No Description
AAA-1200 “AH-OOO-GAH” Klaxon Horn
Twin Tone

Italian design. Latest style heavy duty compressor. Extra loud sound.
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AAA-1202 Twin Air Horns
Musical Horns

Announce your arrival or departure tunefully with these great sounding musical air horns. Heavy duty compressor.
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AAA-1255 5 Trumpet Musical - La Cucaracha
AAA-1256 5 Trumpet Musical - Macarena
AAA-1258 5 Trumpet Musical - Dixie
Multi-Tone Horn System With Public Address!

5 animal sounds (Cow, Chicken, Dog, Bird, Sheep) & 5 different electronic siren sounds. Includes volume control & microphone.
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AAA-1268 Multi-Tone Horn System
Wolf Whistle

The Wolf Whistle will attract immediate attention with its extra
loud 2-tone whistle sound. Built with state-of-the-art electronics.
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AAA-1350 Wolf Whistle
Bull Horn

Steering column lever controls sound from moo of cow to full bellow
of bull. One of the world’s most unusual horns!
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AAA-1266 Bull Horn
Master Blaster

Unique & Distinctive. Long Trumpets.
Single Blast or Twin Alternating sound. Extra Loud
Part No Description
AAA-1222 Master Blaster Twin Trumpet. Air Horn with compressor
Old Style New York Police Car siren

All metal. Two wire hook up. Beautifully chrome plated.
Powerful. Looks great in any engine compartment.
Show car or off road use only.

Part No Description
AAA-1361 Car Siren

Galaxy Horn 46 Sound with Public Address System

• Each sound can be played individually...
or press a single button to play everything in sequence.
• Favourite song not included?
Play the keyboard like a piano to make your own music.
• Use the microphone included to turn this horn into a powerful public address system - great for rallies and sporting events.

Horn is approximately 4" diam. (101 mm) x 4-1/3" long (110 mm). Command module is approximately 3-1/3" W (84 mm) x 1" H (25 mm) x 6-1/3" L (160 mm) and mounts easily almost anywhere. Includes wiring, hardware and instructions for 12 volt negative-ground systems.

46 different sounds include:
14 animals (bird, eagle, elephant, horse, sheep, dog, tiger, cow, rooster, turkey, cat, duck, hen and frog), 4 special effects (whistles, car horn, train and laughing), 12 different siren tones and 16 songs.
Part No Description
AAA-1272 46 Sounds plus powerful public system
Wolf Whistle Vacuum Operated

A reproduction of the original Hollywood Wolf Whistle Model No 200 developed by S.W. Yoder of Yoder Manufacturing Co, Little Rock, Arkansas. Hardware included.
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AAA-1364 Wolf Whistle Vacuum Operated