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Strobe Lights

3A Racing Strobe Lights emit 2 powerful flashes per second.
For off-road or show car use only.

Part No Style Size Colour
AAA-29-0102 Rectangular 65 x 40 x 30mm Blue
AAA-29-0700 Pencil 80 x 7.5mm White
AAA-29-0701 Pencil 80 x 7.5mm Red
AAA-29-0702 Pencil 80 x 7.5mm Blue
* One light per pack
Super LED Blade Globes
Premium Specialty Lighting.

Precision made & superbly finished. Absolute best quality.
Very bright LED. For those who want the best & brightest.
Available in pairs or in wall display unit of 36 pairs.
Part No Description Colour
AAA-LED-GR Super LED Green
AAA-LED-WH Super LED White
AAA-LED-36 Wall Display Unit -
Pili Lamp Running Light
With 16 Piece Super Bright LED

Adjust the angle freely to fit any car. Translucent blue housing.
8 Red LED - when braking, 8 Red LEDs flash.
8 Blue LED - when driving or parking, back & forth running lights flash.

For show car or off-road use only.

Part No Description LED Colour
AAA-9952 Running Light 8 Red / 8 Blue

LED Power Slimline Mini Tubes (pair) Sound Activated
In 2 sizes - 9" and 12" pairs
In 5 single colours plus multi colour

Single Colour LED
9" has 18 LED's 12" has 24 LEDS
In colours of Blue, Green, Purple, Red, or White.
Colour co-ordinated end caps.
3 function control module - off, steady on, or sound activated when the sound control is selected.
Complete with Lo/Hi sound sensitivity control.

Multicolour LED
9" has 36 LED's 12" has 48 LEDS
Can be held on 1 colour or cycle through 7 colour combinations. Is sound activated when sound control is selected. Has speed controller to speed up or slow down the lighting panel.

Colour Mini LED 9" Pr

Mini LED 12" Pr

Blue AAA-5509B AAA-5512B
Green AAA-5509G AAA-5512G
Purple AAA-5509P AAA-5512P
Red AAA-5509R AAA-5512R
White AAA-5509W AAA-5512W
Multi Colour AAA-5509MC AAA-5512MC

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