Shoulder Pads & Hand Covers

Finest Quality shoulder pads.
Hand covers ideal for steering wheels or hand brake.
Part No Description Colour Quantity
JAA-RC-601-56A 3A Racing Shoulder Pads Blue Pair
JAA-RC-601-56B 3A Racing Shoulder Pads Red Pair
JAA-RC-601-56C 3A Racing Shoulder Pads Black Pair
JAA-CO-705-56A 3A Racing Hand Covers Blue Pair
JAA-CO-705-56B 3A Racing Hand Covers Red Pair
JAA-CO-705-56C 3A Racing Hand Covers Black Pair
Steering Wheel Covers

The 3A Racing Neo-Sport Steering Wheel Covers
are manufactured from a high density foam material.
Part No Colour
AAA-13-6501 Red
AAA-13-6502 Blue
AAA-13-6507 Yellow
Leather Shifter Boots

The 3A Racing Shifter Boots
are quality articles made from genuine leather.
Part No Colour Material
AAA-34-3161 Red Leather
AAA-34-3162 Blue Leather
AAA-34-3167 Yellow Leather
Wink Style 4 Panel Mirror

Engraved back.
Complete with mounting hardware.

Part No Application
AAA-1444 Wink Style 4 Panel Mirror - Billet Aluminium